It's never been a better time to transition into renewable energy!

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Furloughs and layoffs across multiple industries have rendered many people helpless. Homebound lockdowns are making us think about what our next steps will be professionally speaking. The silver lining lies on the one job-creating industry which is poised to turn many economic downturns around: Renewable Energy. 

Additionally, the worldwide shift to clean energy demands a growing collection of skills such as technical, business, administrative, economic, legal, among others. Now more than ever, transitioning into renewable energy is both necessary and possible.


*You’re new to or exploring the area of Clean Energy

*You’re already an active participant in the Clean Economy, but looking to reach new heights in your career

*You’re curious about what’s happening in the Latam Markets and the opportunities lying around

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+24 hours of video content: With the participation of some of the most prominent personalities in the renewable energy industry, both from US and LATAM, our roster of professionals will enable you to take the best decisions in light of the current crisis.

* Receive guidance from the best: how you can become a part of key areas in clean energy.  What is the Clean Economy, how is it changing the face of energy, and where are the opportunities to lean in and create impact over the coming months and years?

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* Gauge key parts of the upcoming economic recovery: The Clean Energy economy has not only been resistant to layoffs, but it’s also a key part of economic recovery plans across the world. Use this Summit to unveils the tips and tricks to become part of a robust industry of thought leaders and world-changers.

"We are poised to be the economic stimulus job-creating industry that's going to turn this country (US) around. I think the COVID-19 crisis, as terrible as it sounds, is going to be one of the driving forces in the growth of our industry" - Jim Spano, Founder of RadiantREIT

The increasing investment in the renewable energy sector has the potential to provide more jobs than any other fossil fuel industry. Now's your time to leverage on this and transition into renewables.